Canada Day is just around the corner! And in celebration of our great nation we’re making you the detectives, with a Canadian Food Quiz. We’ve got the questions for you here and we’ll post the answers on July 1st.

Got the answers? Post them in the comments section and show-off your Canadian smarts (or keep your answers to yourself if you’d rather)! Have your own trivia? Post some questions and we’ll search for the answers!

Enjoy…and don’t blame us if this quiz makes you hungry!


1. Which Canadian city gets to take credit for coming up with the delicious combination of vodka, clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce we call the Caesar (and which every Canadian knows is far better than the American alternative, the Bloody Mary)? Bonus points if you can pronounce Worcestershire!

canadian caesar cocktail_0

2. What is the English translation for the Canadian dessert Pets Des Soeurs (a delicious dessert of pastry dough wrapped around brown sugar and cream). Hint: no, it’s not “yum, yum, yum”, although we think that works too.


3. The rugged beauty of Manitoba has inspired many things, even a breakfast cereal! Which one?


4. Who invented Poutine? Bonus question: do you have your own fabulous poutine creation? My brother makes it with tater tots!

WENDY'S RESTAURANTS OF CANADA - Oh Poutine! Grab your forks

5. Which Canadian restaurant got its name because of a sign the Founder got on sale?


6. How many gallons of maple sap does it take to make one gallon of maple syrup? Bonus question: which country did Canadians send 7,400 cans of maple syrup to, following an act of good sportsmanship in the 2006 Winter Olympics? How very Canadian! 


7. What 2 pies is Quebec famous for? No, we’re not talking about any “political protest pies”. But, Wikipedia does have a “list of people who have been pied”, and there are quite a few Canadians on it!  


8. What is the legend of the origination of the Nanaimo bar? And how many of you still find “Nanaimo” hard to say?!

nanaimo bc

9. When was the butter tart invented? And which team do you fall on, raisins or no raisins?


10. What is a beaver tail? If you’ve never had one this needs to go on the top of your “to-eat” list!

beaver11. What is a Canadian Car Bomb cocktail? Have you ever had one? If you have….why?!

canadian_shot_glass_drinking_glass12. We’ve likely all had fish and chips, but have you had Fish and Brewis? What does this Newfoundland dish include? Bonus points if you’ve tried this! 


13. What percentage of Canada’s beef is produced in Alberta? And is this on your “to-grill” list this weekend? It’s on ours!

alberta beef

14. Where did the Chinese Buffet begin? Yes, somewhere in Canada.

buffet-shot15. And finally, what is Canada’s National dish?




Thanks for taking part in our quiz, check back on July 1st for the answers.